Why is minimalist lifestyle a good choice?

There are times we feel that life is one big weight on our shoulders. It can be created from fear of losing, fear of failure, fear of misunderstanding or some other negative feeling. Sometimes the amount of stuff and relationships in our life make us feel stressed. Minimalist lifestyle is a way to face or eliminate those feelings in the future.

There are a obvious benefits for minimalist lifestyle. Such as a more organized household, more money, less cleaning and stress. But there is much more to get yourself into. Below are some benefits to consider from just living with fewer possessions and distractions.

Life becomes more simple and efficient

After switching to minimalist lifestyle you notice that your life becomes much more simple, clean and clear. You suddenly start to notice new things around you. It can be compared to a new kind of awakening or having a completely new sense available. You then notice that many questions get answered because you learn to differentiate between what's important. You will also find happiness in being more efficient. You get things done faster, with no distractions.

More room for what's important

As you learn to focus on important things you then have a clear vision about your life and goals. By that you can make more room for what's important in your life. As getting rid of excess junk and poisonous relationships we create more space and peace in our mind. And we can actually breathe again. It is a way to create the needed room to fill our lives up with meaning instead of stuff.

More time, more freedom, more money, less distraction

All the stuff we have in our life sits on our shoulders and weights us down. It's like an anchor, the more we have the more it ties us down. That's because we are constantly afraid of losing our stuff. Afraid that someone might harm or steal our hard earned possessions. It's better to let go the unimportant things and you will experience a freedom like never before. The result is less greed, less debt, less obsession and less overworking.

More reasons to go out and socialise

As the amount of possessions and responsibilities is greatly reduced, amount of free time and money increased, you have more reasons to go out and make a contact. For example, instead of building your very own fitness room in your house you better go out to fitness club and meet new people. Instead of cleaning your house from day to day, you can now go out and take a walk by the beach, because your life and things are well organized and take much less time to maintenance.

More time for health and hobbies

When you spend less time on shopping and trying to be like others you create a chance to the things you love. Time for the things you never had time before. Everyone is saying they don’t have enough time for a health and hobbies. One reason may be that they have made their life too complicated with all the responsibilities and unimportant stuff. But how many people really look at what they are doing with their time? Instead of trying to manage with messy life you could be enjoying a day with your kids, reading a book, going for a walk, doing sports or traveling.

Focus on quality of life

Most people, instead of doing the things they love are stuck at shopping malls and paying bills. It's time to end that neverending race. There is always someone who has better car and newer smartphone. New stuff is released every day and it's just a matter of months until they get old. It's a trap you don't want to get in. By de-cluttering your life you gravitate towards the things that matter the most. Just buy less, but buy quality. And then you have more time to spice up your life with quality that cannot be measured in material possessions.

Less cleaning and less stress with material possessions

All the stuff we surround ourselves with is merely a distraction. We never get enough thus we are just filling a void. It makes us feel stressed because as no matter how much we buy we still don't feel the long awaited happiness. There is always something extra that you feel you need to have to feel yourself happy. It's a burden you don't want to have actually. The result is just mixed feelings and more cleaning, more worry, more fear.

Money can't buy happiness, it can only buy you comfort and that's where your obsession with money should end. Sure, it's hard not to get into the buy-more-to-feel-happy trap, but we all know that this happiness fades away in a matter of days. Release yourself from that cage and start to feel happy today!

Clear overview of what you have

By letting go of things you actually don't need, you suddenly have a much better view of what and why you have. By that, it's much easier for you to make new plans and frame your future goals. You get rid of the distractions that held you down from focusing and thinking clearly.

Clean mind, less responsibilities and more peace

When we cling onto material possessions we create stress. That's because we are afraid of losing these things. When you switch to minimalist lifestyle you learn that the less things you have to worry about the more peace you have. Everything you own is somehow a responsibility. If not directly then in a form of fear of losing. By simplifying your life you can lose your attachment to these things. The result is a calm, peaceful mind. Some people have no fear because they don't have anything to lose. You want to take some of that fear down by limiting the stuff to be afraid of.

Better understanding of the world

When questioning your purchases you learn to question the world. You start to notice information you didn't notice before. Where do things come from? How are they made and who makes them? Where does money come and go? Questions like such make suddenly much more sense to you, because, in way you become a spectator of the race everyone else is running.

Better environment

Many people are choosing to live a minimalist life out of concern for the environment. The excess consumption of world's resources is a big environmental burden. What do we tell to the future generations about the preservation of the world and nature? Less consumption equals less use of the earth's natural resources and many choose to make a difference rather than stand idle.

Minimalist lifestyle is an individual journey. Learn to know yourself and become more confident, free, healthy and happy.

Last update: 2016-02-15 (Y,M,D)

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