Why is health better than money?

You are working self-destructively, you struggle from morning to night, you sacrificed your life in the name of something you want so bad: The moment you go and buy something for what you gave up sleep, food, relationships, holidays and much more. And five years later, this something is sold several times at a cheaper price.

It's a race, which only the death finishes and the winner is not the one who buys the newer stuff but the one who lives longer.

All things are getting older

All things in this world are aging. There are only a few values that do not change over time, age or wear out. If something is not physically obsolete, in today's material world, it is sufficient when it's emotionally obsolete. Aging causes the price drop. When the car leaves the showroom, then at that moment the sale price drops 30%, but the car is almost exactly in the same condition. When the passenger car series will be updated to the new model, the the price of old model drops instantaneously, even though that same moment ago, it was, after all, essentially the same car. It's the same with everything else: the new models of phones, televisions, computers, etc., etc..

The catch, however, is that the price of things do not depend on how well these things perform its purpose, how well they work, but depends on how new or desirable society finds it to be. Perhaps, in essence, we do not pay for the physical characteristics, but we are paying for the emotion that accompanies with this thing - the feeling that my stuff is new and desireable. Five year old car has practically the same driving characteristics and moves without a hitch, but the price has been dropped several times. Someone bought the exact same car many times more expensive, which means that in absolute terms it had to make more effort for almost exactly the same thing. The only difference is that the other person used it five years earlier.

The winner is the one who lives longer

The most important part is the fact that it's a race which the only thing that stops it, is death. At best, you will change your thinking, but let's talk more about what happens when a person dies, but the rest of the world continues to race. Suppose that there is someone who has all the new things one wants, but the person dies. At this moment for that someone everything stops and the finishline will be the same year and the things that belong to that year.

But as time goes on, things are updated and those who live on can use newer and better technologies and stuff. Products that ten years ago were available only for a selected part of the community are now available to everyone. Even in the material sense, it is the biggest loser, whose life ended sooner than others the same age, because the things that people use today are much better than they were when the deceased person was still alive.

Everything can be purchased later

It's common that the average life expectancy is about 70 years, but there are places in the world where people live to about 100 years and it is not exceptional at that region, but normal. 30 years of a person's life is a tremendous time. Even 10 years is such a long time that during it the world changes significantly. 30 years ago there it was a year 1984.

Consider now the fact that there are people among us who are 100 years old, but many of those who were born at the same time have already died in the 80s. Those things that were available only to the most wealthy people in the 80s are today virtually for free. Even compared to 10 years back, things today are sold basically with non-existent sale price when compared to what they once paid. Everything can be purchased later, but not the lives and health. Is there anything in this world worth so much that it's worth to risk ones health and die earlier as a result.

Do the things that inspire you

A person who receives a living from activities that they love is lucky. Therefore there is no problem to do it 12 hours a day, because it's a pleasure that inspires and gives energy, rather than creates stress. But the problem is when this activity grows over to self-destruction, which is supported by the tranquilizers, sleeping pills , etc..

Life is about finding a balance between health and money. When the work begins to endanger health, then one should think about whether there is a way to reduce the burden, unless it would cause economic problems. Somewhere there is a limit as to when people have more money and possessions, but it no longer affects everyday life, because it is not possible to drive three cars at the same time or eat seven steaks at once. Perhaps it would be more sensible then to deal with the health rather than collect more money.

To see the world evolving

Nothing is more worth than to see the development of the world in which we live in. Be a part of this development. Apparently, there are very few people in this world who would not want to know what happens in the future, for example 50 or 100 years from now.

Today, thanks to the Internet the world has become so small that the entire world's information has been brought to our doorstep. In order to become part of the African savannas or the depths of the Pacific Ocean one no longer even needs to leave the home. It is fairly enough to watch a documentary on the same subject or browse online galleries.

And even if global developments and events do not provide enough interest, nothing is worth more than to see the sun or breathe fresh air even once more. Think about all of which remains unseen to those people who risk their health for trivial matters. Anything else in this world you can always buy later but not Life and Health.

Last update: 2014-07-03 (Y,M,D)

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