How our lives change in the future?

Who will get the most benefit from the future? Those who are able to foresee it. Divination is one activity that no one has yet been able to learn exactly. As time goes on, it is more difficult to foresee the future, because the variables are becoming more and more complex and change faster. Yet, there are things that can be said about the future quite confidently.

How much each one of us wins or loses from these developments depends on ourself. But it is always wise to be up to date about the future and change your life accordingly.

Many jobs disappear

Equipment and tools have evolved since the beginning of human history. In recent decades, however, developments have been particularly groundbreaking. Man has been able to invent machines, which they have been put to work. Automation is a great help to mankind, because it significantly increases the standard of living and frees people from hard work. The result is much less work and a better life. The disadvantage, however, is that because of the machines many people have lost their jobs and thus the income.

The future is not different in this regard. All of the work or activities that can be replaced with robots or machines eventually will be replaced. Far is not a time when we are driving taxis without drivers because the customer enters the desired address in the taxi and the taxi rides to the destination by GPS coordinates. The same happens with all other professional drivers, because the machine is more accurate, more economical, do not get sick, do not delay and do not ask for a raise. Pluses is that nervous drivers disappear from the traffic and a decrease in the number of accidents, because the machine is always ready to respond and the machine does not diffuse out.

Today we already use unmanned stores where the customer can scan their own goods in without the existence of the so-called vendor to pay. Newspapers and most of the physical media will dissapear. People will be reading electronic publications, listening to music and watching videos over digital media not physical form. Algorithms will be used to automatically wrote the news and translate them into all the languages of the world.

In today's media, there are many online articles that are mechanical translation from foreign language articles or a direct copy-paste of a company press release. In the future, much less journalists and translation service providers do the job. It is also possible that some of the novels you are reading in the future are written by artificial intelligence or the music you listen to is programmed by a computer program based on hit formula. The list is, in principle, infinite.

The question, however, lies in the fact of who is owning these machines and do they serve humanity. Whether the machine has one owner or the machines belong to the community it is clear that there is not enough work for anyone anymore. Today, every person should think about whether one owns a machine or a tool which will feed one in the future, or whether it belongs to a company which, thanks to the machines, earns a profit from them in the future. Also one of the greatest political issue in the future is how to distribute the values created by machines tothe people so that it does not cause any drastic society processes.

What, however, does not disappear are many services that rely on human contact. There will always be those people who would like to talk to their hairdresser or a need some human expert advice. Services, particularly personal services is a growing trend in the future. For those who lack the resources and capabilities to possess machines and robots will offer a personalized service and thereby earn one's living. Assuming, of course, that someone needs these services.

There is a growing demand for energy

Due to an increasing automation demand for energy continues to increase. What has changed is that we will get the energy from significantly more sources than today and the great attention is paid to renewable energy and green energy. There are a number of energy resources which have not yet discovered or found broader use. Equipment that we use in the future are many times more energy efficient than they are today. Despite, the huge demand for energy in the future means more expensive price.

Working hours decrease

In the future, most of the activities necessary for living are automated. Food, clothing, housing, transportation, etc. has reached a level where people no longer need to do anything about it, because all processes are controlled by machines and robots. The human task is to find the energy to feed the system. This means that in the future working hours are much more shorter. Since jobs are scarce, and in many areas there is no need for them, the work is divided among a greater number of people who work in shifts and for a much shorter time than we are doing today. This is only a good thing because people get more free time to engage in their hobby or spend time with family.

Very many people are freelancers

Since work is scarce the majority of the population are freelance service providers. They earn their own living and get their own clients. Setting up a business is changed in such simple, that the greater part of the population is employed by themselves and registered as businesses. It also makes the business world much more colorful. The largest part of the businesses are electronic services and solutions providers. There is a large market to various smart gadgets and solutions that make people's lives easier and more interesting. Specialized solutions and uniqueness is dominated - the big corporations will disappear, because the market is filled with small businesses that offer simple and flexible client solutions. As today anyone can create an app at home or code internet websites, in the future, everyone can create their own clothes, appliances, furniture, etc. in the same way, and can be prepared to offer it to others. 3D printer is a regular feature of future household.

More talents are discovered

Because people have more free time than before, more and more people are engaged with what they are interested in and in what inspires them. Voice of the heart is heard over the activities that bring in more money, because the future people's incomes are more balanced and they are no longer thinking about how they could make more money. How to deal with the things they love becomes the priority. Due to the changes increasing amount of talent will come out. If today various television programs offer opportunities for people to get their talents to open and introduce them to the world, in the future, it is even more leveraged, and we hear of people whom we today know nothing, because they are too busy with their normal work and never get their talent to test.

Man eats less

Heavy physical work has become less and less rare. We are using increasingly larger and more powerful machines and people do not need to do other than to push the button. This means that the person spends considerably less bodys energy than it did in the old days. The result is obesity and the related diseases. In the future, people are conscious about themself. The food consumed must be as needed - how much food is needed to get the energy so that the activities would be covered by a corresponding amount of energy. Also, food has changed significantly - the majority of the population eats artificial food that laboratories are assembling and are prepared in accordance with people's needs.

Everyone is using the internet

The Internet is everywhere around us in the future. It is likely that the internet has become extremely cheap or are instead available for free. Most of the tools and equipment that we use are connected to a computerized system, and is controlled from a distance. Since the exchange of information is available to all those who have a bad life in the future will increasingly demand a better life. In the long run, this leads to the balanced well-being throughout the world.

The school system is totally different

The school in the form of today is history in the future. No longer will every village have their own teachers - there are just some of the best who have gone through a serious contest, and teach the entire country through electronic channels. Teaching quality is smooth and everyone has the opportunity to get an education at its best. There will be many alternative channels for learning. Dominated by a rapid retraining courses and programs. More focus on effective and efficient learning. Learners have greater freedom to choose what to learn and education programs focus on specific areas rather than general. Learning is more connected to the profession and the students are better prepared for the forecoming work.

The largest part of humanity is engaged to computer work

In future, the basic level of knowledge of programming is needed even at the janitor job because a person managing the cleaning machines must know how to program the machines according to the object. Their mission is to provide machines and robots with a plan. The same is true for most other places: for example, instead of a bus driver at the bus station there is a programmer who makes buses run according to plan and monitor whether the transport is carried out according to the schedule. Most of the error checks are carried out by the computer but need for people who monitor and process reports still remains. Programming is a normal part of the work in future in 20% of the cases.

Finance and economy will become high-precision

Economy becomes high-precision thanks to computers and process analysis programs in supply and demand, inventory and manufacturing. Which means that overproduction of waste and scrap will be greatly reduced. This makes the economy more efficient and functioning smoother. Partly as it is more predictable. This means that prices will converge and the price will be more affected by the actual relationship between supply and demand not artificial variables.

Buying a plot of land becomes almost impossible

Since the ground does not grow, all of which are aware of this fact has bought land from those who are less interested in knowing it. Those who own land in the future have bought it for the specific purpose and are not interested in selling, which leads to a situation where the land purchase is essentially impossible or possible only at very expensive price. All of the Earth's land surface has been proposed to make a profit in the future.

Medicine has reached a new level

Medical screening is no longer under a separate reception and a certain place but it will be a photo box size room which is located in a public space and can be used according to customer 's request. Due to this, you can even make regular checks every week, but it is a flat fee. The process is fast and it can be done, for example, even at a lunch break. Due to detection of diseases at much earlier stage treatment options are therefore much better. In the future, you can change and upgrade the person's internal and external organs, which means that the deaths are not so much anymore due to errors in the bodies, but they are caused by other factors. As a result, a person's life can be significantly extended. Everything should be done today in order to survive as long as possible, because it increases the likelihood that you will come to await the time when medicine carry out miracles.

Cannabis is legalized in most countries

As cannabis has several uses, beginning from energy and ending with medicine, then the growing and use of it in the future is legalized in most countries around the world. Much of the plastic, fuel, fabrics, building materials, etc. will be produced by the cannabis plant in the future.

Last update: 2014-04-10 (Y,M,D)

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