Super effective no-cost workout

The human body is ideal in order to achieve a harmonious balance between the force and the mass. Consider for a moment how strong and healthy are the animals and how they move. None of the animals use artificial means to train their body. The whole force of the body is reached by the natural result of the movement. Human is not an exception here. There is no need for complex machines or gyms - nature has given us the best equipment - our body!

In fact, the best form, which would be in harmony with human strength, body shape and weight can be achieved by using just body weight training. The purpose is designed to initially know the best way to control your body. To have complete control over their physical form. What are the benefits of savage force if we can not fully control it through your body - for example, a man who raises several hundred kilos of metal, but is unable to run. Moreover, it is also not healthy.

In order to achieve the perfect balance between form and mass it is sufficient to have a few pairs of shoes and some clothes. In theory, one can walk and run in bare feet, according to some studies, it is also healthier and reduces the risk of injury. Barefoot running gives less load on the knees.

Workout should start small and gradually increase the load and later move over to the more complex exercises. The most beneficial exercise is walking. Who does not want to make the workout more intense, you can walk every day. Since man is created to walk several kilometers a day, but there is not just time for that, therefore you should also think about more intense workouts.

Your weight training is the most natural exercise. You should not overdo at the beginning, because people have different body weights and should be trained according to their spirits. Every beginning is difficult, but the result is therefore much more valuable. Below we highlight videos of what people have been able to achieve by controlling their own body weight.

You can make up your own moves! It's all step-by-step progress.

Just follow your spirits. No need for harm and injuries.

Doesn't matter if you are man, woman, child or elder. Everyone can train according to their skills.

Even a small workout is better then no workout!

The hardest part is to get up from the sofa!

Everyone started from the scratch!

Last update: 2018-03-19 (Y,M,D)

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