A healthy diet can not be profitably advertised

Countless advertisements are flashing in front of us every day. Some of those show us products that are enriched with plant of some kind, or are produced from a secret recipe. However, the ads about the benefits of a tomato, avocado, garlic or some other superfoods we do not see and probably never will.

Why not? Because such ads do not comply with specific corporate interests, and will not make anyone rich in particular. Those ads would only bring the results of people beginning to eat healthier, which is in contrast to many sectors of the economy and would probably reduce someone's profits.

Healthy food does not make anyone rich

There are lots of products marketed, advertised, and highlighted as super healthy, derived from a plant with a specific super good quality. We've all heard of miracle pills produced from blueberries or different products, which are manufactured on the basis of a healthy fruit or vegetable.

If that same company would advertise just how useful blueberry or cranberry is, for example, it would not benefit from such advertising, because people would go to the forest, the market or to the store and buy these berries, not advertised miracle pills. The logical question at this point would be: how can something be more beneficial than the ingredient that it is made of? Answer: Because it is more beneficial to the company that sells the product.

Product to the box and logo on top

Instead of promoting a natural beneficial berry, a fruit or vegetable they put it in a box and the logo stamped onto and sell and instead advertise that product. Thus making it possible to mass produce and earn much higher profits. Ironically, however, on top of the box, there is a long story of how useful its natural ingredients (vegetable, eggs, fruits, etc.) are, which are put into that product. However, how much of that plant there actually is in a particular product is hardly mentioned. A yogurt manufacturer has publicly acknowledged that fruit content in its products is of 0.1 to 5 percent.

The sad fact is that these products manufacturers and sellers profits are significantly higher than, for example, berries or plant breeders. Even collectors gains are disproportionate to their growers. All costs - transportation, packaging, advertising, company employees salaries, etc. In overall, it all is paid by the end-buyer. Whenever possible, you should buy food directly from those who grow to support them not the dealer. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

Health is not something mysterious and inaccessible

Looking at these miracle pill ads will make us think that the blueberry, cranberry or garlic is something mysterious that you can not benefit elsewhere than to consume or buy products containing them. The fact is, unfortunately, that this is becoming more like the reality.

People who live in big cities and do not belong to the richest in society, sadly, cannot always get the natural berry, fruit or vegetable. Of course states, cities, and districts are different, but, unfortunately, there are too many people in the world, for whom the natural product of nature is increasingly inaccessible and unaffordable. And these people usually do not know how to help themselves on that, there is no easy way to change it.

Healthy food is unprofitable to some businesses

If people would eat natural and healthy food, a number of companies would suffer, those in particular whose profits come from miracle pills or sale of drugs. Moreover, it would harm many diet plan providers, sports clubs, plastic surgeons, beauty products and vendors, doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and many others. A healthy and happy person is not good for the economy, because such a person consumes little. A healthy person does not need many products and services that promise to make one happy or healthy - a healthy person is already happy, without all those miracle products.

Imagine a world where people are healthy and energetic, and free from a great burden of all these aforementioned sectors spending. What will mankind be able to accomplish and where could people reach in their development? It would be an entirely new level of development, which today is unfortunately not yet possible to enjoy.

Last update: 2014-07-03 (Y,M,D)

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